A Visit to Cuba (by Playing for Change)

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A Visit to Cuba (by Playing for Change)

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Cuba is a mystery: why so much amazing music, so many great musicians and music genres in this small and beautiful country? Historians and musicologists might have a logical explanation to this but I still think Cuba is blessed and blessed we were to travel there to record and film musicians. It has been quite a short but intense trip, with 4 full days of recordings in Havana. We’ve added some incredible musicians to our latest videos and also started a version around the world of the Buena Vista Classic “Chan Chan.”

Havana is obviously a unique place in the world, were time seems to have frozen dozens of years ago but despite this vintage look, Cuba is also at the vanguard of many arts, especially in music.

Check out this video of maestro Pancho Amat introducing the tres (cuban guitar) as well as photos from our recent trip to the island.

Hasta Siempre



A street in La Habana vieja

Pianist Roberto Carcassés, recording on our upcoming version of Chan Chanaround the world


Recording a horn section in the streets of Havana on our upcoming version of Bring it on Home to Me


Trombon player Juan Carlos Marín


Clarinet player Israel Figueredo


Mark and Carlos Miyares


Amazing drummer Yissy García

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Recording our friend Carlos Varela and his bass player Julio César González


PFC producer Enzo Buono with Yoana and Olivia, who helped us connect with all these amazing musicians in Havana and organised our schedule in Cuba . Thank you so much Yoana and Olivia for your amazing work.




Betún on timbales and Bernardo García on cowbell


Conga player Adel González listens to the track he is going to record on, the congolese song Afrika Mokili Mobimba


Recording vocals with Teté García Caturla


Francisco and his 360° camera




Rumba en el callejon de Hamel

Tomado de Playing for Change